Yesterday we talking about the booth itself. Today, we’re focusing on the equipment the booth comes with!

The equipment and technology side of the photo booth is really important but often not asked about as we don’t know enough to ask! Here are the basics…. 

If the computer isn’t powerful enough, the software will be slow and guttery, and may even crash numerous times.  

If the software is cheap, it will be unreliable and again, will probably crash. It will also be basic. Social Booth is a highly recommended software.

If the printer isn’t a good quality one, the images will take ages to print, and the print may be a low quality image. The printer needs to be a dye sub printer. A Mitsubishi or DNP are recommended.

The Camera. Most booth companies will use an iPad as their touch screen and camera at the same time. This will mean extremely low quality images and is a big thing you must ask about when hiring a booth. With CheeseBox we ensure a good quality DSLR camera is used so the images are the best quality they can possibly be.

So there you have it! Short and sweet but tells you what you need to look out for.

Happy Photo Booth Hunting!