3.       Cost

Photo booths can range from £150 to £5000 for a night. A typical, good quality booth will cost about £500 for an evening. The more expensive booths are booths such as the car booths or booths that are completely designed to your specification on the outside. It will all depend on your budget how extravagant you want to go, but I would suggest looking into what you’re getting before spending £800 or more on a standard booth, or less than £300 on a booth.  If it’s cheap, the quality may not be great.  

Ensure you’re getting a good deal – does it include everything in the price you’ve been quoted, or are there hidden extras? A good booth will offer the prints, prop box, a way to access all the images after the event, attendants, set up and down costs as a minimum. A good booth will also have Video Messaging, Scrap Books, Travel Costs, Green Screens….. and more.