Even just in London and the South East, there are SO many photo booth companies to choose from these days. How do you pick which booth is going to be the best, most entertaining booth for you? Well, other the next few weeks I’ll be giving you a summary of a few things that you should definitely be thinking about. These are:

1.       The Booth

2.       Equipment

3.       Cost

4.       Prints

5.       Backgrounds

6.       Attendants

7.       Reputation


So look out for the blogs! Today we’re kicking off with no.1:

1.       The Booth

 Booths come in all shapes and sizes: Traditional rounded, square, open and closed, inflatable booths, selfie pods, cars, huts…..you name it, someone our there will be doing it. Think about what you want from your booth – do you want extravagance or subtlety, to fit lots of people in or better quality couple photos? Lots to consider but I’ve dwindled it down to 2 main things:

a.       Shape. What shape are you after? Will it fit in the venue nicely? Is it large enough inside – it will be worth asking how many people the booth can comfortable fit. Would you like it to fit nicely in a corner? In which  case, a square booth might be more desirable.

b.       Sturdiness. Something a lot of people don’t consider is how robust the booth is. A lot of the traditional rounded booths are made of an acrylic type material that easily bends and even breaks – are you liable to pay charges if it breaks? Do you want a booth that looks cheap, or one that is solid and will withstand a few drunken pals!?

So there’s number 1 – the booth. Next I’ll be talking about the equipment and technology photo booths have, and which is the best.

Happy Booth Hunting!!