Welcome to CheeseBox Photo Booths!

So, who are we?

We’re a brand new business run by two people very excited to be involved in people’s parties, weddings and other events! …But more about that in a later blog.

So, what’s the deal with CheeseBox?

We’re doing all the hard work ourselves…including this website.  It’s a work in progress, and certainly a learning curve!  Coding, plugins, widgets….all words that meant nothing to me until recently!  We hope you enjoy looking through our website.  Over time, with a bit of research, we can make this website something great…or should I say ‘grate’!! 

We’re planning on this being a website that’s easy to understand, and easy to see how much you’re likely to spend hiring one of our booths.  Instead of coming up with loads of packages with millions of additional extras for ‘x’ amount of money; we’ve included everything for a lower overall cost!

For example…

Why wouldn’t you want a prop box?? Many companies charge £50 extra for this.  Why wouldn’t you want 4 hour hire??  Many companies charge £60 per hour over 3 hours. Why wouldn’t you want unlimited prints, greenscreen, USB stick?? Many companies don’t even offer these extras!  With us you get it all, and with our prices nowhere near the average £500, why would you go anywhere else!

If you’ve got any interest in us or following our movements, keep an eye on our blog.  We’ll update it regularly with new things we’re doing.

Keep it cheesy!

Jenell & Chris

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