On Sunday 28th June we were booked for an evening of celebrations to finish up the Captain’s Weekend at Mill Hill Golf Club! We were booked outdoors, alongside the automated surf board, live band, buffet, and more…..and then it rained.

Once the rain had cleared, all the bookings decided to risk it, and we set up. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t consider the wind-factor, and just as we set up the gazebo for the photo booth to go under, it blew away!! It landed on the Golf Club roof, and we luckily managed to get it down .

Following that stress, the rain kept threatening a return, and with no back-up plan, we were very nervous!! We continued with the event nevertheless, and it turned out to be great fun! The brightly coloured green screens we prepared went down a storm, and we made a personalised scrap book for the captain to take home, which everyone wrote in and stuck a copy of their photos.

As we headed off the organiser said she’ll be sure to book us for next year…..so watch out Mill Hill, the flying Gazebo people will be returning!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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